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The Night Owls, “Gime Some Kinda Sign”   single, F-Spot Records 2021

Ziggy Marley, “More Family Time” Tuff Gong 2020

Ziggy Marley, “Friday's On”  Single, Tuff Gong 2020 

The Lions, “The Loser”  single, NYCTrust 2020

The Night Owls, “This Christmas”   F-Spot Records 2019

Apropos, (Versatility), Beverly Martel  2018

Bob Marley, “Exodus 40 The Movment Continues ” Island/Universal,  2017

Eamon, “Golden Rail Motel” Huey Avenue Music,  2017

Empire of the Sun, “Two Vines” Virgin/EMI 2017

De La Soul, “And the Anonymous Nobody” 2016 (2016 Best Rap Album Grammy Nominee)

Ziggy Marley, “ZM” Tuff Gong 2016 (2016 Best Reggae Album Grammy Winner)

Allen Stone “Radius” (Deluxe Edition) ATO 2016

The Dan Band, “The Wedding Album” Comedy Dynamics 2015

The Lions, “Soul Riot” Stones Throw 2015

Ziggy Marley, “Fly Rasta” Tuff Gong, 2014 (2014 Best Reggae Album Grammy Winner)

The Lions, “Lion Dub” Stones Throw, 2013

DJ Numark-“Broken Sunlight” Hot Plate, 2012

Mozella, “The Brian Holland Sessions”, Beverly Martel, 2012

The Lions, “This Generation,” Stones Throw 2012

Sam Sparro, “Return to Paradise” Island/UK 2012

Big Daddy Kane, “The Last Supper” Scion AV 2012

Brett Dennen, “Loverboy” Downtown, Universal 2011

Lissie, “Catching a Tiger” Sony, 2010

The Doors, “My Wild Love” Z-Trip Remix, 2010

Secondhand Serenade, “Hear Me Now” Glassnote, 2010

Rosey, “Luckiest Girl Remix” Quango Music Group 2009

Norah Jones, “The Fall” EMI, 2009

Landon Pigg, “The Boy Who Never” RCA, 2009

MoZella, “Bell Isle” Motown, 2009

Jason Yates, “Jason Yates”, Vapor, 2009

Ghostface Killah, “Ghostdeini the Great”, Def Jam/Universal 2009

The Lions, “Jungle Struttin” Ubiquity, 2008

Pictures and Sounds “Pictures and Sounds” Vanguard, 2008

Rosey, “Luckiest Girl” Quango Music Group, 2008

The Panderers, “Hot Shot’s Boy” Snack Bar, 2008

Everlast, “Love, War, and the Ghost of Whitey Ford” Sony/ATV 2008

Sam Sparro, “Sam Sparro” Island/Universal UK, 2008

Sam Sparro, “21st Century Life” Single, Island/Universal UK, 2008

Connie Price and The Keystones “Tell Me Something” Ubiquity, 2008

The Dan Band, “Ho-A Dan Band Christmas” Incarnate/ATO, 2007

Low Stars, “Low Stars” Hear Music/Starbucks 2007

Big Daddy Kane, “Connie Price and The Keystones vs Big Daddy Kane” Scion Audio Releases, 2007

Ghostface Killah, “The Big Doe Rehab” Def Jam/Universal 2007

MoZella, “The Best Gift” Single- Warner Brothers, 2007

Connie Price and The Keystones, “Sticks and Stones” Stones Throw Recordings 2006

MoZella, “Light Years Away” Maverick, 2006

MoZella, EP, Maverick 2005

Girish, “Shiva Machine” Ajna Music 2005

Anna Sahlene, “Photograph” Lionheart International 2005

Connie Price and the Keystones, “Wildflowers” Stones Throw 2004

Macy Gray “The Trouble With Being Myself” Sony/Epic 2003

4th Avenue Jones, “No Plan B” Interscope 2003

Macy Gray “It’s Love” Single Sony/Epic 2003

Jason Yates, “Angelinos” Vapor/Sanctuary 2002

Rosey, “Dirty Child” Island/Def Jam 2002

Various Artists ”Much Dance” Sony Music Canada, 2001

Macy Gray “The Id” Sony/Epic 2001

Various Artists ”Much Dance” Sony Music Canada, 2001

“Keeping the Dream Alive: Race to Erase M.S.,” Various, Sony 2001

Wings of Peace (English Bhajans, Vol. 7)”, Ammachi Center Music 2000

Macy Gray “On How Life Is” Sony/Epic 1999

Various, “The Acid Jazz Test Volume 3” Moonshine, 1995

Various, “The Acid Jazz Test Volume 4” Moonshine, 1997


"The Bronx, NY" HBO, 2019

"The Outdorrsman" Lunacy Films, 2018

“The Public Image is Rotten” Follow The Motion, 2018

“Towheads” Artist Public Domian, 2014

“One Chance”, 2013 Weinstein Company

“Planet B-Boy” Screen Gems 2012

“This Means War” 20th Century Fox, 2012

“Young Adult” Paramount Pictures, 2011

“Dylan Dog: Dead of Night” Platinum Studios, 2011

“Due Date” Warner Brothers, 2010

“Burlesque” Sony Pictures, 2010

“Furry Vengance” Summit Entertainment, 2010

“Love Ranch” Aramid Enetertainment, 2010

“Cabin Fever II, Spring Fever” Lionsgate, 2010

“Alvin and the Chipmunks, The Squeakquel” Fox Pictures, 2009

“Did you hear about the Morgans” Sony Pictures, 2009

“The Hangover” Warner Brothers, 2009

“Bruno” Universal Pictures, 2009

“Flash of Genius“ Universal Pictures, 2009

“Iron Man” Paramount Picture, 2008

“B.I.K.E” Voyvak Films, 2008

“NBA Street 4” EA, 2006

“In the Cut” Sony, 2003

“Spiderman” Sony 2002

“Wisdom Of the Pretzel” 2002 (Israeli Film)

“Shallow Hal” 20th Century Fox 2002

“102 Dalmatians” Disney-Arista 2001

“Next Friday” New Line 2000

“Bridget Jones’ Diary” Mirimax-Universal 1999

“Any Given Sunday” Warner Brothers 1999

“Picture Perfect” Fox, 1997

“Love Jones” New Line Cinema, 1996

“Embrace of the Vampire” New Line Cinema, 1995


“The Tick” (Main Title) Amazon 2017

“Eastbound and Down” HBO 2013

“Breaking Bad” AMC 2013

“Grey’s Anatomy” ABC, 2012

“Perception” TNT, 2012

“Breaking Bad” AMC, 2011

“Love Bites” NBC 2011

“The Office” NBC, 2010

“CSI New York” CBS, 2010

“Access Hollywood” Telepictures, 2010

“The T.O. show” MTV, 2010

“Ming the Minibus” Goodlink, 2010

High School Reunion, TV Land 2009

“Welcome to the Captain” CBS 2008

“The Bronx is Burning”, ESPN, 2007

“Last Comic Standing”, NBC 2008

“Real Sex 32” HBO 2007

“There and Back” MTV 2006

“One Tree Hill – Music from the Television Series, Vol. 2: Friends with Benefits”, Maverick, 2006

“Kept” VH1 2005

“Outlaw Comedian: The Censoring of Bill Hicks” Trio Network, 2005

“Ally McBeal” Fox, 2000


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