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Night Owls“Versions” F-Spot Records 2022

Co- Produce, Bass

Apropos “(Verse)atility” Beverly Martel, 2019

 Co-write, Produce, Bass, Guitar, Drums, Drum Programming, Keyboards 

De La Soul “And the Anonymous Nobody”, 2016

 Co-write, Bass (2016 Grammy Nominee “Rap Album of the Year”)

The Lions, “Soul Riot” Stones Throw Recordings, 2016

Co-write Bass

The Dan Band, “Ho-A Dan Band Christmas” Side One Dummy, 2015

Co-write, Co-produce, Bass, Guitar, Percussion, Drum Programming

Nikki Yanosfky, “Little Secret” A440/Universal Canada,

2014 Co-write, Co-Produce, Bass, Drums, Guitar (2015 Juno Nominee “Pop Record of the Year)

Mozella, “The Brian Holland Sessions” Beverly Martel, 2013

Co-write, Co-Produce, Bass, Drums, Guitar, Percussion, Keys

The Lions, “This Generation” Stones Throw Recordings, 2012

Co-write, Co-Produce, Bass

Rosey, Luckiest Girl, (Quango Recordings, 2008)

Co-write, Guitar

Rosey, "Dirty Child": (Island/Def Jam 2003

Co-write, Bass

Pictures and Sounds,  Vanguard 2008

Co-write, Bass

The Lions, “Jungle Struttin” Ubiquity, 2008

Co-write, Bass

The Panderers, “Hot Shot’s Boy” Snack Bar 2008

Co-Produce, Mix, 

The Panderers “Mucho Diggo” Sought Records 2009

Co-Produce, Mix,  Bass

MoZella, ‘The Best Gift” Warner Brothers, 2007

Co-write, Produce, Bass, Guitar

Macy Gray  The Id: (Epic/Sony 2002)

Bass, Co-write

Rod Stewart: “Human” (Arista 2001) “Smitten”


Macy Gray, On How Life Is: (Epic/Sony 1999)

Bass, Co-write

Original Scoring
“The Exchange," Magiian Productions, 2020 

“The Public Image Is Is Rotten” Abramorama, 2020

"Chopped Liver" Bunny Lake Films 2020

“Circus” Shannon Plumb 2017

“Towheads” Artist Public Domain, 2014

 “Freddy Lockhart’s Mixed Media,” SuperDeluxe, 2008

 “Corners” Shannon Plumb, 2008 IFC Theatre, Tate Modern

“Real Sex 32” HBO, 2006

“B.I.K.E” Voyvak Films/Fountainhead Films, 2006

“Outlaw Comedian: The Censoring of Bill Hicks” Trio TV, 2004


T.V. Song Placements:
The Voice, Eastbound and Down, Dallas, Grey’s Anatomy, CSI NY, The Office, Breaking Bad, The T.O. Show, Parental Control, Love Bites, Ming the Minibus, High School Reunion, Dance Life, The Newlyweds, Kept, There and Back, 20/20, Access Hollywood, Good Morning America, Felicity, Wasteland, Sessions At West 54th, Pop stars, Spin City, Kids In The Hall Tour Documentary, Ally McBeal, Saturday Night Live, MTV, Rock-N-Roll Jeopardy, Gilmore Girls, Late Night with Conan O’Brien, “Fort Figueroa” CBS series pilot, 2000 Grammy Awards, Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Breaking Bad, The Office, The Voice, Eastbound and Down, Dallas, Grey’s Antaomy, CSI NY, The Office, 20/20, Access Hollywood, The T.O. Show, Parental Control, Love Bites, Ming the Minibus, The Newlyweds, Wasteland, Kept, Rock and Roll Jeopardy, America’s Got Talent, Good Morning America, Spin City, Saturday Night Live, High School Reunion, Ally McBeal, Gilmore Girls, Dance Life, There and Back, NBA Street 4


Movie Placements

 “Richard Pryor, Omit The Logic” Showtime, 2013

“Seeking a Friend for the end of the World”, Focus Features, 2012

“Ruby Sparks” Fox/Searchlight, 2012

“This Means War”, 20th Century Fox, 2012

“Young Adult”, Paramount Pictures, 2011

“Dylan Dog: Dead of Night” Platinum Studios, 2011

“Cabin Fever II, Spring Fever” Lionsgate, 2011

 “Alvin and the Chipmunks, The Squeakquel” Fox Pictures, 2009

“Cabin Fever II, Spring Fever” Lionsgate, 2011

 “Inside Deep Throat” Universal Pictures 2005

“Spiderman” Columbia Pictures, 2002

“Calendar Girls” Touchstone Pictures 2004

“In the Cut” Sony Pictures 2003

“The Sweetest Thing” Sony Pictures 2002

“Wisdom Of the Pretzel” 2002

“Picture Perfect” Fox, 1997

“Love Jones” New Line Cinema, 1996

“Embrace of the Vampire” New Line Cinema, 1995


Commercial Compositions/Placements:

Apple, Adidas, MeUndies, Xfinnity, Comcast, Tricouties Bank,  Belvedere, Acne Free, AT&T, Bratz, Carl’s Jr, BMW, Hennesey, Lancia,  Breil, NBA, MTV, California State Fair, Honey Nut Cheerios, ACLU


Music for License:

To hear tracks from Dave’s eclectic music library, listen here.

For a full catalog, licensing
or for custom music composition,
please contact Dave Wilder.

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